Elise's page
Sup my dudes. I'm not exactly sure what to write here entirely, so, uh...this'll just be my page. Elise's page. Yeah. I like the sound of that. So I'm Elise, if you didn't already know, or at least couldn't tell. I like to describe myself as trash. Fandom trash, to be exact. I am usually known as a sarcastic brat online but usually am too awkward to be like that in real life. I also like to write ad draw, and I can play ukulele and I'm learning the piano. I tend to bake under stress, which may or not be really strange. I'm not sure. Know one's told me if it is yet. I am cringe. Be warned. I also have a huge tendancy to call people peasents, but don't worry. I'll only call you one if you're being one.
I really like food, but I really like baked goods. I also like to bake despite the fact I am the clumsiest human alive, which usually ends in me getting all sorts of burns. Regardless, baking is fun.
Here's where the cringe comes in; I am a total shipper. If you don't know what shipping is, run. Run fast and far. Don't get involved. You will get sucked in with no hope of escape. If you're still wondering, shipping is short for 'relaitionship'ing. Its when you think two people should be in a relaitionship together so you ship them. You will find shipping in literally almost any fandom you can think of. Literally. There is no escape. I should know.
I would write more but I'll do it later because I'm a lazy peice of trash. See ya! ^-^
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